A-Pilot Airborne LiDAR

  • A-Pilot Airborne LiDAR

      A-Pilot airborne laser scanners are suitable for highly efficient aerial survey,especially mountainous topographic survey.  A-Pilot scanners provide 4 models, i.e. AP-0300, Ap-0500, AP-1500 and AP-3500 / DP-3500 according to the maximum range. A-Pilot enables high-efficiency survey with a field of view 70 °and pulse frequency up to 600 ...

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R-Angle Mobile LiDAR

  • R-Angle Mobile LiDAR

      R-Angle mobilie LiDAR can be installed onto vehicles, boats and other moving platforms.  R-Angle is feasured with long range, high precision, small size and light weight. R-Angle include 3 models according to the max range, i.e.RA-0300, RA-0600, RA-1000.  R-Angle provides intergration interfaces for various IMUs and Camera....

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U-Arm Laser Scanner

  • U-Arm Laser Scanners

      U-Arm Laser Scanner are featured with long range,high precision, efficiency, small size and light weight.  U-Arm scanners work well for long range scanningand include 3 models according to the max range,i.e.  UA-0500,UA-1500,TS-3000.Field of view:360°(H)X 300°(V). Pulse frequency goes up to 600kHz....

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UAV LiDAR System

  • Genius Drone LiDAR System

    Surestar Genius is featured as a light-weight, small-size, cost-effective mapping lidar system designed for drone.Equipped with a R-Fans multi-beam scanner, GPS /IMU, CCD digital camera and control computer, Genius is ease of installation, operation, and maintenance.Highly integrated design of Genius enables excellent performance and stabili...

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  • Sky-Lark UAV LiDAR System

    1.IntroductionThe Sky-Lark UAV LiDAR System, a lightweight LiDAR surveying equipment developed by Surestar featuring a 70-degree vertical field of view, is the only LiDAR system that is specifically designed for small and light UAVs in the world. Sky-Lark UAV LiDAR System integrates high precise light-small laser scanners, c...

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Navigation LiDAR

  • Navigation LiDAR

    Navigation LiDAR is mainly used for the avoidance of obstacles and navigation of intelligent vehicles, robots and flight equipment. Navigation LiDAR could complete a three-dimensional contour survey via multiple scanning trips. Comparing to cameras, ultrasonic radars, millimeter wave radar and other auxiliary driving sensors, LiDAR is the true...

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Software Kit

  • 3D Laser Scanner Software UIUA

    UIUA is an autonomous software product by Surestar, targeting for the operation of the U-Arm terrestrial laser scanner and using for the data post-processing calculation and geo-referencing/registration.Applications: Data solver, point cloud registration, point cloud classification, fusion of point cloud and image, point could thinning, multiple fil...

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  • JRC Reconstructor

    JRC Reconstructor focuses on the 3D point cloud data processing. Its key features include:● Pre-processing● Editing● Registration and geo-referencing● Mesh Construction (like triangulation, contours, DTM, etc.)● Fusion of point cloud and image● Orthophoto feature extraction● Calculation of volume and area● 3D navigation and video pr...

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  • PointCab

    PointCab is a 3D point cloud processing software developed by German software company PointCab. Its key features include point clouds to vector model, 3D modelling, fill and cut calculation, etc.Software InterfaceSystem Requirements: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 - 64bit / full multi-core supportScanning data format: E57, LAS, DXF, DAE, 3D...

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