Navigation LiDAR

Navigation LiDAR is mainly used for the avoidance of obstacles and navigation of intelligent vehicles, robots and flight equipment.

Navigation LiDAR could complete a three-dimensional contour survey via multiple scanning trips. Comparing to cameras, ultrasonic radars, millimeter wave radar and other auxiliary driving sensors, LiDAR is the true “eye of intelligent vehicle”, capturing the ability of spatial recognition.

Based on the number of laser beams, LiDAR is classified into 1-line, 4-line, 8-line, 16-line, 32-line or 64-line LiDAR sensors. Multiple laser beams are emitted vertically with different emission angles then scan the target area horizontally to complete a 3D survey. Multiple measurement strips is equivalent to a variety of scanning planes with different inclination angles.  Therefore the more scanning lines in the vertical field, the higher the angular resolution and the higher point cloud density.  The main application of 1-line and 4-line short range LiDAR is to be the eye of the mobile robot, the 3D environmental monitoring sensor. The intelligent vehicle of high mobility requires longer survey range and more lines (8, 16 and even more).  As a result, it became one of the key development areas of the navigation LiDAR, increasing the number of scanning lines while ensuring the survey range, as well as compressing size and reducing weight.

The LiDAR of 360 ° view feature and 16, 32 or more scanning lines is the main part of LiDAR system, meanwhile, it has a great appeal to the special vehicle and the high-end intelligent robot.

Since 2015 Surestar started research and development on the navigation LiDAR, benefiting from our solid foundation in LiDAR technology, we launched our first high-end navigation LiDAR R-Fans in May 2016.

Specifications of 16-line R-Fans:

*  Field of View: 24 degrees

*  Range: 0.05 to 100+ meter

*  Scan Speed: 20 Hz

*  Pulse Repetition: 320 kHz

*  Weight: 738g

*  Interface: Ethernet,PPS

From the point of view of automakers, a LiDAR embedded into the car will be their favorite. Surestar is going to launch C-Fans in June 2017 with horizental FOV of 150° for pre-installation purpose.