China Southern Power Grid Successfully Completed The First Overhead Powerline Inspection By E + RA LiDAR System

  On August 18th, 2016, the EHV Transmission Company of China Southern Power Grid uses Surestar's E+RA LiDAR System successfully completing its first overhead powerline inspection. This flight is fully supported by Zhuhai Helicopter Branch of China Southern Airlines.


The E+RA LiDAR System mounted on Sikorsky S76 helicopter for this flight, well acquires the powerlines data and the calibration data in the field.  Even though the weather condition was foul, with rain and wind, the device was still running well and captured high-quality data. It is a complete success!


High-precision laser point cloud for transmission lines with towers


3D map of powerlines


Zhuhai Helicopter Airport

E + RA, and its sister model E + AP, are specifically designed for the powerline inspection within mountainous terrain. Both systems are highly integrated, compact and lightweight, easy to install, no scanning dead spot, and also having the ability to describe the three-dimensional structure of the tower with high-resolution. Moreover, E + AP system has been serving the national grid for more than two years. The reality shows, E + RA and E + AP systems can not only compensate for the traditional inspection methods effectively, but also are able to monitor the operation status and the surrounding of the transmission lines better, thus ensuring a safety and stable operation of the powerline system.

As the only domestic LiDAR R&D Company with the airworthiness certification by Civil Aviation, Surestar possesses complete independent intellectual property rights and our products have reached the international advanced level.  We can provide our clients with high-precision, long-range, reliable, and affordable LiDAR device.

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